One Foot in Front of the Other: A Podiatry Collection

One Foot in Front of the Other: A Podiatry Collection

4 Tips For Dealing With Work-Related Foot Pain When You Stand For Hours Each Day

by Elijah Turner

If you stand on your feet all day for your job, you could be at higher risk of foot pain. While you might think walking all day is worse for your feet, standing can be equally bad since your feet have to bear your weight all day without the benefit of movement and shifting your weight. If you have to stand all day and you're having frequent foot pain, talk to a podiatrist so you can correct the problem before you develop a condition such as plantar fasciitis. Here are four tips for dealing with work-related foot pain.

1. Change To Supportive Shoes

Save your stylish shoes for after hours and choose supportive shoes for the workplace. The soles should be stiff but comfortable and your arches should be fully supported. Your toes need plenty of room so they aren't cramped all day. If your shoes fit well, your feet have a better chance of ending the day pain free.

You may want to buy multiple pairs of identical work shoes so you don't have to wear the same pair every day. This gives your shoes time to dry out, and this might reduce the risk of a fungal infection.

2. Wear Orthotics For Increased Comfort

Orthotics, or shoe inserts, add padding and support that help your feet feel better at the end of the day. You can buy these at a drug store, but if you have a foot condition, you may want to talk to a podiatrist for advice. You may need a specific type of insert that matches your foot structure and gait. There are several types of orthotics, and you don't want to wear the wrong kind or that might make your pain worse.

3. Learn Stretching Exercises

If you have to stand in the same place every day for hours, the muscles in your hips, legs, and feet get tense and sore. Stretches counter this by stretching and relaxing the muscles. Just like you stretch before running, your podiatrist might recommend you stretch before work each day so your muscles are ready for a long day of bearing your weight.

A podiatrist can teach you the right exercises you can do with equipment you already have at home, such as a chair and towel, so you can work the stretches into your morning routine.

4. Try Ice Baths For Inflammation

If your feet hurt, they may have inflammation. Ice is a good treatment for inflammation, so you may want to soak your feet in ice water when you get home from work to reduce pain and swelling. Resting with your feet propped up may help also.

If your pain lasts into the evening or if it never fully goes away, see a podiatrist. Continuing to strain muscles that are weak or injured could lead to a more serious foot condition that keeps you from working or that takes a long time to heal.


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One Foot in Front of the Other: A Podiatry Collection

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