One Foot in Front of the Other: A Podiatry Collection

One Foot in Front of the Other: A Podiatry Collection

Appreciating The Main Benefits Found With Ankle Replacement Surgery

by Elijah Turner

Factors like aging and illness can take a negative toll on your ankle. You might have developed painful arthritis in it. You also might have suffered extensive damage to it because of a fracture or repeated sprains.

When this part of your body leaves you in pain and with limited movement, it may be time to have it replaced. Undergoing ankle replacement surgery can help you enjoy better health and mobility.

Relieving Pain

When you have a significant amount of arthritis in this part of your body, you might wake up and deal with agonizing pain each day. You might also have to take large amounts of ibuprofen or prescription medications to find any kind of relief from this intense discomfort.

However, when you undergo ankle replacement surgery, you may enjoy relief from the crippling pain that once persisted in your ankle. After you are fully healed, you may be able to get through a typical day without having to take pain relievers. You also might wake up free from arthritic pain.

Better Mobility

This damaged joint might have also left you with limited and compromised mobility. You may have had to use a cane or crutches to walk. You might have even been unable to bear weight on it and instead had to use a scooter or wheelchair to get around stores or your home.

When you undergo ankle replacement surgery, however, you might regain your mobility. You may be able to bear weight on your new joint. You can also walk around your home or in public places without having to rely on a scooter, wheelchair, or other mobility devices.

Improved Independence

Likewise, ankle replacement surgery can give you back your independence. Your damaged joint might have left you dependent on other people to help you walk, climb stairs and otherwise move around. You may have lost a significant amount of independence because of the damage you sustained to this joint.

However, ankle replacement surgery may allow you to regain your independence. You might walk and climb stairs better and no longer have to rely on other people to help you bear weight on your new joint and move normally.

Ankle replacement surgery can offer several benefits to your health. It can relieve the intense pain you experienced because of arthritis and damage to this joint. It also may allow you to move better and regain your independence. 


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One Foot in Front of the Other: A Podiatry Collection

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