One Foot in Front of the Other: A Podiatry Collection

One Foot in Front of the Other: A Podiatry Collection

Tips To Take Better Care Of Your Feet

by Elijah Turner

Your feet take on the brunt of the work when you're up and moving about. Your feet are helping to support your entire body to do the things you are attempting to do on a day-to-day basis. This is why your feet end up with issues over time, especially if you don't do what you need to do in order to take proper care of them. If you aren't sure how to care for your feet, read on for some helpful information.

Clip Your Nails Properly

Part of caring for your feet is caring for your nails. If you don't clip your nails, it can cause foot pain when you walk. If you don't clip your nails properly, you could end up with ingrown toenails that can be very painful and can cause infections and other concerns. Clip your nails straight across, and not too low. Clipping them too low can also cause pain or infection. If you have thick nails and are not able to clip them yourself, you should get to a podiatrist to have them clipped or ground down for you.

Avoid Spas

You should avoid going to nail salons or spas for nail treatments. These types of places may not be cleaning their foot baths properly and you could end up with a bacterial infection or some other foot concern such as athlete's foot. If you do go to a nail salon for a pedicure or other foot service, you should make sure the salon cleans their foot baths properly and that it is a clean salon/spa.

Wear Proper Shoes

Wear supportive shoes that help to give you support in the arch of your foot and around your ankle and the rest of your foot as well. Be sure your shoes fit you properly and aren't too tight or too loose, as this can cause issues with blisters or could cause you to change your gait, which can also cause other issues. Don't wear high heels that are taller than 1 inch, or flip flops, as neither of these offers the support your feet need and could result in injuries. Talk to your podiatrist about what type of shoes are best for your feet, or discuss inserts that can be put in your shoes to give you extra support and cushion.

If you aren't taking good care of your feet, you may end up with foot problems or concerning issues. Make an appointment with a podiatrist if you are experiencing issues with your feet so you can get the proper treatment you may need. 


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One Foot in Front of the Other: A Podiatry Collection

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