One Foot in Front of the Other: A Podiatry Collection

One Foot in Front of the Other: A Podiatry Collection

  • Common Issues To Discuss With Your Podiatrist

    When you have a podiatrist, you have a medical professional by your side who can help you navigate the important issues you have with your feet in particular. Since your feet are nearly constantly in use and can be affected in many ways by hard surfaces, your choice of shoes, strenuous activities, and other things, your job is to take care of your feet in the best way possible. Your foot issues can often be dealt with on your own, much like some other things you have go wrong with your feet and body.

  • Pain In Your Feet Holding You Back? What You Can Do About It

    When you have pain in your feet, it can be a problem. You may not feel well enough to do what you normally would be doing because your feet may be hurting you too badly. It can hold you back from doing a lot of things and it can slow you down. This can put a damper on your day to day activities and can put extra stress on you in your work life and your personal life.

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    One Foot in Front of the Other: A Podiatry Collection

    Walking is simple, right? You just put one foot in front of the other. This can be harder than it sounds if your feet are sore or plagued by ailments like bunions, hammertoe, or plantar fasciitis. If you've ever struggled to simply put one foot in front of the other, you're familiar with this unique pain and frustration. Thankfully, podiatrists have solutions for most common foot ailments. In the articles we've collected here, you can learn all about those solutions, and also about podiatrists in general. We hope that by being more informed, you can take a more preventative approach to foot care also also know what to expect when you seek treatment.